Monday, August 22, 2011


....I have a secret....

I've found THE ONE. You know...the one who makes your heart flutter with that feeling of magic...

I fall asleep with this One on my mind and think of this One each and every morning, first thing. I dream about our future together, about the happiness I know we'll have because, well, this is just IT.

My appetite is failing me(which is good, actually ;)

I've actually stayed in on several occasions to spend hours staring into bright eyes full of promise and meaning. Sometimes I don't even get out of bed.

To say this is an obsession is an understatement. This relationship is all-consuming. It is unique. It is beautiful.

It is perfect.

I've never fallen so into my writing as I have been over the past several weeks.
This feeling is something I've never experience before and it is by far the best in existence. Nothing has ever topped the euphoria of finding THE ONE.

What did you think I meant!?? Hahaha.

I've had the title for years. I just didn't have the story. Weird, right?
And then one night, I had this dream.
And then I saw this movie.
And then I logged onto Facebook and saw this post.

All of which I'll talk about later.

Let's just say all of these things were overwhelming and screamed in my face...and I got the hint.
I've hardly done anything but write since.

All I have to say???

I've been waiting for this.