Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have been slacking. Hugetime. On everything.

Do you ever feel like everything you try to accomplish is thwarted by something you feel you have no control over?

Let's use writing as a starting example.
There is only one working computer in my house which means that I have to 'share' my computer time with my husband who has a severe internet addiction.
Sometimes I find myself sitting on the couch across the room from him, trying to force him off using the awesome powers of mind control. This, unfortunately, does not work in my favor.
I have very little time in the evenings to get any work accomplished after I take care of my 'nightly duties'. You're probably reading this, thinking, 'get your husband to help with the duties'. And I, in turn, am laughing at you.

I try to work around this problem by working on my ms at work...while I'm being paid to, you know, work. Most of the time, this is no problem and I keep my focus fairly well amidst the noise of a car dealership. But when I'm busy doing the work I'm actually being paid to do, writing has to take a backseat. Sometimes for days.

I wish I could stay up all night and get things done, but I just can't! How do you all do it??? How, I ask you?

Another thwarted attempt: commenting! It is SO frustrating to read someone's blog at work, leave a comment because I 'totally get what this person is saying', only to find out that I CAN'T LEAVE COMMENTS!!!! My work has blocked me from this. Which means I must do my blog reading at home, at night, when I'm done standing in line for my computer. Which in turn means I don't get to comment on anything. Because when I finally do get to use the computer, I have to use it to get my work done!


How I wish I had an Easy Button to press whenever I am overwhelmed. It seems to happen so often.

So I ask you, how do you make time for your writing when it seems like every opportunity you have to get something done is thwarted? How do you make writing a priority over other things?

Ugh, even this post took me a couple hours to finish and it doesn't even make sense when I read it over! Today is a Julie-needs-help day.


  1. Oh Julie, I could write a book right now about how you are not alone! I am often in the same boat, minus the one computer in the house.

    My day job really poses a problem with my writing, but I need to support my family. My husband has severe, "I don't get what the big deal about writing is" thing going on, and I blog during my work day which is a HUGE no-no.

    Phew. I'm glad I got that out.

    I don't have many answers except keep squeezing in time where ever you can, pray, and know that we all understand if no one else does.

  2. I don't have any answers either, but I wish you luck in finding a schedule that works for you.

  3. I totally feel your pain. I worked full time up until this May. I didn't write at all then because I was too wiped out from working all day and taking care of kids and the nightly duties when I got home (my husband is like yours). I thought when I got to stay home with the baby I would have tons of free time. (Smacks self on forehead). I squeeze blogging in during the day, but writing is only done when everyone is in bed and I have total silence. This can be anywhere from 9:00 to 10:00 at night, and I try to write for an hour or two because I have to get up every day at 6:00 to get the older kids to school. Sorry this isn't helpful, but I really understand where you're coming from.

  4. It's hard for me to find time to write too! Lately I've been getting up early and going to bed early (less time with my husband in the evenings more time by myself in the morning). It kid of works, except mornings are not my most creative time. I'm still trying to find a system that works--so know that you are not alone!

  5. "And I, in turn, am laughing at you." hahahah that one little sentence had me laughing hysterically. I'm adding you to my infatuation nation bloglist. so funny

    I hear ya. Believe me - you think it'd be easier with no other job or your own computer and but it isn't necessarily so!

    2 suggestions... Could you request x-number of 'computer nights' a week from your husband? Say from 8 o'clock on? (or earlier) so that it's scheduled time when you KNOW you can sit and write and he knows to have his computer use finished before then? Also, have you thought about purchasing another computer? Something cheap meant for use only for writing and internet use? Sometimes you can find really great deals on computers (think walmart and the like) that don't have a lot of memory (but you don't need much just for word docs)...

  6. *deep breath*

    That's step one. Well, that's the only step I have, really.
    Take heart. You're not alone in your feeling. :)

  7. Thank you, thank you, for your support! Look at me! COMMENTING! How? Because I have my computer to myself. I love the World Series. LOVE.

  8. Ah yes, purchase copious amounts of alcohol, turn on the tv to appropriate sporting event or as my husband likes-car show. Then take over the computer and hover around it like it's your only child. LOL

    Ok-that might not help your marriage...

    I struggle with time too, as I think everyone does. However, one day I read someone's take on it, which was rather harsh, but it hit home for me. "You make time, despite all of it." Now-obviously-you are trying!! I think it takes a while anyway to get into a routine that allows for more writing/blogging/commenting/researching for all of us. Eventually, you'll find something that works. Even if it's getting up early or staying up late.

  9. A lotta' praying. Good luck to you. Love your comments. --- Just Joany

  10. You are not alone. Time is the most precious commotity. There's just never enough. Good luck finding a schedule that works for you.