Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Things I Learned About Myself On Day One of NaNo

1. I have to pee every five minutes. Apparently, my bladder understands the need for procrastination.

2. I have restless leg syndrome. Who knew deadline writing could cause leg spasms??

3. Beer works almost as well as wine in terms of inducing creativity. Or just not actually caring what is being written....

4. This video? HilARious. And a great distraction from all things writing.

5. I'm sweating.

6. Writing is FUN when you haven't done it in almost a year...once you get the hang of it again.

7. Something in my apartment is burning, and I'm pretty sure it's my pants from the heat of my computer because it's been on for so long while I stare at things that say 'I pooted' and such and laugh loudly.

8. I have great friends who keep me on track and tell me to shut the ef up when I send random text messages about Cheese and pooting.

9. I wish I had chocolate.

10. I'm glad I don't have chocolate.

11. I can actually write two thousand words a night if I put my mind to it. And it's not all bad. :)

How is NaNo going for everyone else???


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  2. Oh no! Now you've given me ways to procrastinate :-). I was actually rather surprised at myself for doing a little over 2,000 words yesterday. Congrats on finishing day one and good luck on the other 29!

  3. This is an awesome list. I can identify with everything on it. Great post!

  4. LOL! It's very funny...I find that I have to pee a lot now too...hmmm...

  5. Oh man, what did I learn from day one of NaNo? That I'm a SLACKER. Zero words yesterday. *slaps wrist* Will do better today.

    Good luck to you!!

  6. Hilarious list!!! Nano is going good for me :) I love it :)

  7. Hi *waves* I'm a new follower! This list is hilarious!! Made my day!

    Nano teaches you a lot about yourself, but the one I agreed with the most was the alcohol! I'm so with you, no matter what it is it helps you move along!

    Feel free to stop by my blog later if you'd like! I'd love to have you! http://jennifer-daiker.blogspot.com

  8. I LOVE the new look! SOSOSO good to hear from you! And I'm even more glad things are looking up. Oh and I, too, pee A LOT.

  9. Nicole-I'm learning plenty more ways to procrastinate that I'd be glad to inform you of. ;)
    Roxy-Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one out there...
    Lisa-I'm telling you...
    Renee-I hope you're doing better with the word count! I'm kind of sucking.
    Victoria-Thanks! I'm glad NaNo is working out well for you. Have fun and hopefully I'll see the finished product someday!
    Jen-Thank you so much! YOU made MY day! NaNo is teaching me that I'm a terrible slacker. :( But a drunken slacker...yikes.
    Candace-Thank you. :) You always make me smile.