Monday, February 15, 2010

My Life Outside of Writing

I'd like to start off by saying that I am SO disappointed that I missed Courtney Reese's Love At First Sight Blogfest. Seriously, I look forward to those things so much, and this just broke my heart! :(

But as I was blog surfing last night, I came across a post by Lisa Marie Miles where she posted her Top Ten Non-Writing Activities.

And I thought to myself, 'Self, this is a great way to get to know your writer friends and see what else you have in common with them besides writing'.
So I decided I wanted to post my top ten non-writing activities and hopefully find some more soul sisters/brothers out there!

You don't have to dedicate a whole post to this unless you really want to...I just wanted to because I'm in need of things to talk about and what better to talk about than myself? Well, I'm sure there's a million and seven things I could find to talk about besides myself, but whatever.
I am my own biggest fan.

So here's my top ten non-writing activities list for you to enjoy(or not, but please don't tell me if you don't, kay, thanks!)in no particular order:

1. Photography. I'm not a professional by any means, but my camera does not leave my side for any length of time. It is my world outside of my writing.

2. Reading YA books. It took me a while to really discover the world of YA and now that I have, I can't get enough! I love teen angst, I love the innocence of first love and all that jazz. I don't know what I did without it all this time!

3. Music. What a craptastic world this would be for me if I didn't have music to listen to. I love all kinds(except the serious rap stuff and heavy metal), but I have my special loves like Josh Groban, TobyMac, Britney Spears, etc, etc. And yes, I love across the board. :)

(TobyMac??? Soooo sexy.)

(Josh Groban??? Soooo sexy.)

4. Bubble baths. Give me a tub and a bottle of bubble, and I am one happy girl. They are especially lovely after a grueling treadmill workout. Which lead me to...

5. Exercise! I love to exercise. I feel wonderful during my workouts and even better once they're done and I feel accomplished.

(I totally look like this in real life, all skinny and stuff.)

6. Social Networking. Seriously? I think I check my Facebook like twenty times a night most nights. I love to see what my friends and family are up to, and I love blogging and reading blogs! (And if you want to be my Facebook friend, just click that little linky on the side!! I will say yes because I love you all!!)

7. Taking naps with my dogs. I am not really a nap person because I always feel sluggish when I get up, but when I'm watching a movie in the bedroom and my dogs curl up on either side of me on the bed, I'm in comfy heaven. They are the best cuddlers in the whole wide world.

8. Driving by myself. There is no greater time for my thoughts to roll around in my head than when I'm driving down the highway with my music blaring. I can sing and daydream, and no one can bother me. It's the greatest downtime for me.

9. Cleaning my house. Er...yes, this is very true. It goes along with the whole exercise/feeling accomplished thing I brought up earlier. I listen to my music and dance through the chores. It's also another great time for me to daydream and work through problems I'm having with my WIP.

10. Surfing the internet. Although I never feel accomplished after a two hour surfing session, I love traveling around online, discovering new things and catching up on my favorites. Some of my fave online activities? Watching music videos on youtube, reading the secrets on postsecret every Sunday, cracking up at the new Cakewrecks, name speaks for itself, seriously), and weaving my way through the blogosphere. And Facebook, of course.

So when I'm not hunkered down in front of the computer at night furiously typing away a fabulous fiction novel that is sure to be a bestseller and promote world peace, these things are what I do.
The crazy part is that I try to do almost all of these things on a daily basis. After working nine hours, driving for two(but that still covers one of those activities!), and making dinner at six o'clock. I might be crazy. Or just a ninja. Or Chuck Norris. Because Chuck Norris doesn't make time for activities, they make time for him!! Got that, activities???

So, how about you? What do you do that has nothing to do with your life as a writer?


  1. That was fun! I like having a clean house, but I'm not a big fan of getting it there. Wish I liked it more!

    I love baking & cooking when I have time :)

  2. Fun! I love when my blog friends write posts like these... I really enjoy getting to know everyone outside of just as writers :-)

  3. I loved reading this! I'm a sucker for naptime with my dog, too.

  4. I love cooking and trying new recipes! And I just started running. I'm kind of getting into that right now. I hope it lasts!

  5. napping with dogs is awesome. I don't nap that often, but they do both curl up on either side of me when i'm writing.
    I'm sorely tempted to dedicate the first book to them...

  6. This was great!! I want more. But seriously, you enjoy cleaning the house? Do you live anywhere near Arkansas?

  7. Great list, Julie! We have so much in common! When I'm not writing, I like to drive, bake, play the violin, kickbox, and go shopping - among many other things. I wish I had still had my doggy to nap with. I also like cleaning... there's something therapeutic about it!

  8. If you enjoy cleaning your house, maybe you'd enjoy cleaning mine too?

    I like most of those things too (all of them except cleaning and exercising--I am a lazy bum). I also love gardening. We have a great big vegetable garden and I love planting stuff and watching it grow.

  9. Hey Julie! I'm a big fan of #7 too. Great list BTW. Bummer about the LAFS Blogfest.

    Shhhh...don't tell anyone, but a few of us have planned a "Drunk At First Sight" Blogfest to coincide with St. Patrick's Day. Details go up over at my place tomorrow.

    And I'm with the other guys, if you like cleaning house, maybe we can work something out!

  10. I would love to clean every one of your houses! Because I also like to make money...and you wouldn't have me do it for free, would you?? Lol!