Tuesday, February 1, 2011


When I open the blinds in my apartment, I see nothing but a frosty window, the outside glass caked in a thick blanket of snow. The wind is howling so loud, my TV is turned up a few notches higher than I would normally keep it. I have no idea what is happening in the outside world, except for maybe a few status updates on facebook. I have no idea if I'll be able to make it to work in the morning because I can't even see how much it has snowed in this ridiculous blizzard.

And I love that.

While everyone else in the area frantically emptied grocery stores(just in case we would be snowed in until the end of time) and scoured hardware stores for shovels and salt(where were these people when it snowed the 857 other times this season??? Did they just leave the snow to pile up in their driveways? That's just silly. Not to mention rude.), I was imagining all the time I would have to sit all by myself and just daydream(don't worry, I have food).

With my laptop open in front of me, a glass of wine, and yummy smelling candles lighting the space, I am in my own world, free to let my characters roam the page, growing and living.

I actually hope to be snowed in tomorrow so that I can live in this solitude for a little while longer, doing exactly what I love.

Anyone else out there in this situation? Or maybe you're looking forward to building a snowman? I hope to make a fort since they're promising a few feet out there. ;)

What kind of special writing time is your favorite? Any storm lovers besides me?


  1. I definitely love a good snowstorm or thunder cracker ... as long as I don't lose my power. Then it's NOT nice. But, it's so pleasant to snuggle in and watch the storm :)

  2. I'm with you both! I'd love to have some snow, but only if I get a day off to go with it :) All we're getting is rain :(

  3. That sounds lovely. No snow for me today but a few inches still cover the ground (although I should be glad another storm isn't coming here since last time it meant no power=freezing house). I think a cup of tea and some writing will do me good.

  4. If I weren't cooped up with my cabin-fever-induced 4yo, I would write. Maybe I should come stay with you next snow storm.

  5. Have a great snow day if you got it! This is second snow day here, my wallet will be feeling it but it's hard to care when you get to sleep late and watch movies on a Wednesday!

  6. I hope you got your snowday today! I enjoy storms - as long as they aren't life-threatening.

    Surprisingly, I am unaffected by the snow storm happening even though we usually get quite a bit of snow in Vancouver.

    I wish I was on a snow day! I'd join you in your writerly solitude

  7. We have so much snow up here in NH it's covering half the windows!

    Yup, I'm writing up a storm of my own today!

    Love your blog!

  8. what a lovely winterish post, Julie, very atmospheric :)