Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Much Needed...

As I'm sitting in my bed(yes, it's 1 PM, no, I don't care, have you seen the snow and wind outside????  Okay then), stalking Twitter and considering when I should suck it up and just START WRITING, damn it...I saw this, retweeted by Roni Loren:


And I read it.  The whoooooole thing.  And I laughed and I pondered and really wished it weren't snowing so I could go for some Dunkin Donuts coffee so that I could come back home, get under the covers, and WRITE.

But it is snowing, I am freezing, the coffee will have to wait. 

The good news is that this wonderful post helped me to say STFU to my pathetic excuses and just start writing.
So I am!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful, inspired day! 

1 comment:

  1. We have so much snow here! Our power went out for a few hours yesterday and I got so much writing done because I couldn't get on the internet :)

    Thanks for signing up to do the Valentine's day bloghop! I look forward to reading your scene :)