Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day of Grrr...

Today is not a good day. Today, I am crabby.

Today, I am going to tell you why it is that today I am crabby.

1. I have no focus. I've been sitting at this computer for two hours and have facebooked(btw, have you ever been instant-messaged by four people all at the same time and tried to keep up a flowing conversation with all of them??? Not an easy feat, but I mastered it, although I had to keep double checking to make sure I wasn't sending someone a message meant for someone else.), tweeted, emailed, and blog-read. I want to start writing a thousand words a day on my novel and here I am. Complaining about wanting to do it but not actually doing it.

2. People who say one thing and then do another while in the presence of others with the sole purpose of trying to make the original someone they said the first thing to look stupid drive me crazy. Less clustered? I hate hypocrites.

3. People who stand in line too closely to the person in front of them...ugh!
I took my sister to Dave and Buster's for her birthday last night and it was so packed, we had to wait in line to play every single game! And people jam up on each other like sardines, all pushy pushy and 'hurry up, we're waiting in line' and I'm all 'stop sucking my new body spray scent off of me because it's not cheap!'
Seriously, people? BACK OFF.

4. Because of my crabby mood, I decided that a grande mocha Frapuccino would be just the thing to lift my spirits. Buuuuuuttttt...I didn't get it. And I'm still crabby.

5. People keep telling me that 'things will be fine, just do this' rather than actually taking the time to have a meaningful conversation with me and that really just.....OOOOH!!!

I need to be reminded of the things that make me happy and hope that they work their usual magic.
Is it weird that I'm looking forward to work's distractions tomorrow???
I think yes.


  1. Hmmmmmmm. When my wife has one of those day's, I just find a place to disappear to. But hey...accomplishing a quad-IM is nothing to sneeze at. :) Have a great week!

  2. We all have those days! Maybe looking at your cupcake award will help - cupcakes have power! Or just maybe knowing that we all care and hope you feel better soon will help - we do!! Take care & have a hot chocolate :)

  3. Ooh, I haven't had a mocha frapuccino in a long time! Love those:)

    Sorry you're having a rough day. I've had a lot of those days lately, too. I think I've put a lot of pressure on myself with just everything, so I took a few days from writing to read (just finished The Dark Divine and it was great). That helped so much and now I'm ready to jump back in the writing routine.

    Hope tomorrow is better for you!

  4. Oh! I am so with you! I hate when people get in my personal space. Hang in there, sweetie. :)

  5. Oh brother, this was me pretty much the last month. know what you need? You need to think of some happies. Like, imagine, for just a moment, what it would be like to punch the face of a hypocrite. I mean, just imagine. The head whips around, spittle flies out of their mouth, their eyes squint, and a loud, pig-like squeal resounds through the room.

    There, now don't you feel better? I suppose you could also think about rainbows and sparkly unicorns and warm apple pie and cheesecake with white choolate mousse, and fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies, and the smell of bread baking and the sound of rain on a tin roof blending with Moonlight Sonata on the piano behind you...but what's the fun in that? Not nearly as satisfying.

    Seriously, I hope tomorrow is better. I'm sending some seriously positive vibes your way.

  6. Sometimes distractions help us forget the things in life that make us feel overwhelmed and bummed out. Maybe tomorrow you should treat yourself to that mocha :)

  7. Totally get those days. Especially the part where no one listens. Especially when it's family. Then i feel like hanging myself. LOL

    Hope you feel better and if you don't, I hope you smash something and get gratification from it. :)

  8. Hey, I have an award for you at my blog:)

  9. ugh been there, done that. I was there last week, actually.
    The good thing about the crabbies, though, is that they pass, sooner or later

  10. Your blog is so cute!!!!! I hate when I am in a crabby mood!!! I hope you are feeling better today!!!

  11. Ugh, crabbiness... why does it always find us?! My pet peeves always seem 100,000 times worse - I also hate when people stand too close to me. AND you know when you're walking on a sidewalk or down a hallway, and there's someone breathing right behind you and walking realllly close but they refuse to pass you? So annoying. I hope you're feeling better today - just remember the crabbiness always passes! Be nice to yourself and eat some ice cream. :)

  12. I totally understand what you mean. I was having an awful day yesterday too! If you live in my town we should meet at a local coffee joint and duct tape our wrists to our laptops until we generate 1000 words each!! I also want to start my novel....but i've got to finish 2 chapters on a nonfiction book I'm writing right now...then I'm gonna do the novel. I'm going to check your profile to see where you live...
    have a GREAT writing day tomorrow...;)

  13. I've had some days like that lately too. It's the worst feeling when I can't manage to make progress. I hope you are feeling better now. :)

  14. I am the Procrastination Queen. Like right now for instance. Instead of working on polishing up my YA MS, I am here, blog-stalking, I mean reading your blog.

    Speaking of which, I found you through a series of procrastination techniques, AKA- clicking on one blog to the next, and thought I'd drop you a line.

    I just started my blog this week and I'm finding out very quickly that us writers are oh-so-much alike. I love it. I don't feel so alone anymore. :)

    Check out my blog if you get a chance and I will of course become a faithful blog-stalker follower.