Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lata, 2009! Bring on the new year!

(Oooh, pretty!)

I just have to say: Thank. Goodness. This. Year. Ends. Today.

Next year's got to be better, right? Right!?

Okay, so the year wasn't terrible. I made a firm decision to get my ass in gear regarding my writing, I got married, and I'm ending the year with a plethera of Barnes and Noble gift cards.

Not so bad.

But the year also held a lot of bad news, frustrations, and disappointments. More than any other year in my memory.

So 2010 is a chance for a fresh start. I'm working steadily on my WIP, I've made a ton of friends through blogging, I discovered that people actually like to read what I've written, and I've gained confidence.
All of these awesome things will be carried over into the new year along with my newest resolutions:

1. Finish current WIP.
2. Find a critique group and really get down to the nitty gritty of my work!
3. Query and score myself an awesome agent.
4. Dance on the desks of the people who told me I'd never make it.(Wait, what?? I didn't just say that!)
5. Continue with last year's resolutions(No soda unless there is absolutely nothing else to drink and no french fries! One year tomorrow since I've had a SINGLE fry! Which is huge if you were to look back at my awful diet consisting of, well, fries.)

I guess what I'm striving for most is more dedication to my writing. Having all you blogger friends to answer to makes this a lot easier to do, so thank you for all of your support!
Also, hi to all of my new followers! ::Waves hi:: Thanks for stopping by. :)

I've loved reading everyone's year end recaps and resolutions. I'm inspired by every one of you.

Here's to 2010 and all of our dreams coming true!

By the way...don't forget about this Saturday, which is No Kiss Blogfest Day. Sign up on Frankie's blog to join in, or just to check out all the amazing entries we're sure to have!
I still have to come up with a scene, so I'll be hard at work until then.

Happy Writing!


  1. Wow, a whole year without french fries? I would be kicked out of my house if I enforced that rule around here:)

    I've got to finish my WIP, too. My crit group will probably string me up soon if I don't quit griping about being stuck and produce something. And for the crit group - do find one. That's one of the best things I did this year. My writing is already sooo much better because of them.

    Have a Happy New Year and good luck with all of your goals:)

  2. Hope you have a wonderful year in 2010! It's been fun getting to know you :)

  3. These are excellent goals/resolutions. Wow, about no fries in 2009. That is extremely amazing. I LOVE fries!

  4. Wow! No fries for a year! I am sooo impressed! I love your resolutions and find that others inspired ME to better!Thanks!

  5. I'm with you on adios 2009. So glad it's time for a new year. I have an old tradition of taking a broom to sweep the old year out the door at midnight and welcome the new one in, and, let me tell you, I'll be swishing that broom hard tonight!

  6. OMG no french fries for a YEAR? That's amazing. Also, people told you you wouldn't succeed? I say you should do more than just dance on their desks!! ;-)