Friday, December 18, 2009

The Twelve Days of...Me! Day Six

On the Fifth Day of Me, I give to you…Five Random Things!!! (Rhymes with Five Golden Rings…Gold Rings??)


To start, I’d like to thank Julie Dao at Silver Lining for my Honest Scrap award! Yay awards!! ::Blows celebratory horn:: I haven’t had a chance to post about this yet, so I’ll try to get that done by the end of this weekend. Picking blogs to award is such a difficult thing for me to do because I love each and every one for different reasons. Which is why it takes me forever and a day to do anything about it!

Second, I read on A Writer Wannabe's blog that Monday, December 21st is Official Kissing Day here in the blogging world. This is thrilling to me because I love kisses! I love reading about them, watching them, and, of course, giving and receiving them myself.

To participate, all you have to do is post a kissing scene or almost kissing scene from your WIP. If you are too shy(which might happen right here on this blog), you can post your favorite kissing scene from a book you’ve read.

This might be the most fantastical day in the history of blogging. For serious.

Third! This has been a very long week and I’m so excited that tonight is my work’s Christmas get-together. I could really use a drink. I planned this night out because my work really can’t afford to throw us a party, so I thought it would be nice to book a room and just invite everyone to come hang out. Nothing exclusive, just a space for us to gather. So I booked a room at one of our local faves, made up a few flyers to hang around the buildings, and began looking forward to a fun night out. I love hanging out with coworkers because they’re so much like family anymore. Any excuse to hang out is welcomed.

Anyway, so this afternoon, I get a call from my friend in a different office who tells me that some of our coworkers are under the impression that tonight is paid for by the company. OH. NO. Nowhere on my flyer does it say this is a company sponsored party. No one was ‘invited’, per se. And who in their right mind would see a flyer on a wall and believe the evening would be paid for? COME ON, PEOPLE!!!
So my relaxing night I’ve been looking forward to has just exploded and is now the cause for some serious stress. This post with no rhyme or reason is the result of that stress. I have lost any train of coherent thought. What’s on your agenda for the weekend? Any Christmas celebrations?

Moving on.

Fourth. I’ve been thinking more and more lately about taking advantage of my Twitter account. I’ve had one for a while but I only follow celebrities and I log on about once a month. But the more I read about fellow bloggers utilizing it, the more I want to be a part of the club! So this weekend I might do just that. Be prepared for some Twitter stalking as I muddle my way through the learning process. I’m kind of nervous! Any Twitter advice for me??

Fifth. It’s one week before Christmas! ONE WEEK!! I have barely begun shopping and I might be screwed. Are you all ready?

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Hi Julie! Thanks for posting about the Official Kissing Day Blogfest this Monday! I am looking forward to reading all the posts about fabulous kisses!

    I love your blog and I think you should definitely utilize twitter for your writing. I use TweetDeck and organize my twitter friends according to writers/agents/friends/family. It helps to keep things straight and focus on certain areas. You can promote your blog too through twitter. ;)

  2. You are hilarious Julie.

    I will be participating in Kissing Day too!

    I'm finally getting the hang of twitter (after 3 months). TweetDeck is invaluable-- I highly suggest downloading it. I try to have one or two conversations a day with a few of my friends. When someone says something interesting (like when Sherrinda and Katie started talking about writing kissing scenes and loving almost kissing scenes) I join in. It's actually been a great way to get to know people in a little less formal setting than the blog. So yes, enjoy tweeting!

    And I gave you a little award on my blog today.

  3. So glad you're going to participate in kissing day! I'm pumped!

    Get tweetdeck! That's my advice. Connects FB and Twitter and makes everything SO easy and convenient!

  4. I was going to wait to get a Twitter account, but I'm starting to change my mind:)

    Oh, Official Kissing Day sounds like fun! I have one kissing scene that I may be able to use. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. I'm still thinking about kissing Day... ;-)

  6. I use Tweetdeck too :)

    I hope your party goes well! Sometimes people just aren't very bright - and rumours swell without any input. Crossing my fingers for you!

  7. I can't wait for Official kissing day :)

  8. ooooooh FUN! Kissing day sounds fabulous :-) I have to think about this!

    Also - definitely use twitter, it's fun and some of the other writers out there are SO supportive! Find me :-) (username: saramcclung)

  9. Thanks for the advice, guys! I'm going to play around with Twitter later today.

    And thanks for the award, Natalie!