Monday, December 14, 2009

The Twelve Days of...Me! Day Two

On the Second Day of Me, I give to first completed work.

How many of you remember the first story you ever wrote? The first time you wrote The End, the first time you ran out of space in that notebook?
I think the first story I ever wrote was called The Lost Kitten and was about a little girl who fought with her best friend. :)
Hopefully, I know a little better now about titles and storylines and the fact that they should, you know, make sense together!
But the first story I ever completed in written form was the story of my own life. My diary.
Reading it tonight, I found this:

"Just think: when I finally finish my diary, I will have completed my first book. It's a cool thought."(Jan. 12, 1996)

Yeah, that was a while ago! But I didn't even start flipping through my diary until I began writing this post. Kind of neat that I have the same idea regarding my first completed book now as I did way back then.

When you think about it, every story you create is a diary of someone's life. You create their world, their life story. You put it down on paper to relive over and over for years to come.
Let's just hope my diary never gets published! Several posts back, I said that I am boy crazy, but the proof in my diary is just ridiculous. Not to mention humiliating. Door shut and locked.

The great thing about my diary is that it shows me how far I've come in my writing while still proving that I have the same passion for words. Reading through the entries brought me right back to that second of my life, and I can clearly recall things I've long since forgotten. What a treat for a Monday night!
The words I poured into my diary are so important to me. They tell me where I've been and where I hoped to be as an adult. Thank goodness I'm not far off.
It might not be a work of fiction(although my imagination would prove otherwise), but I'm so proud to say that it is my first completed story. I've owned other diaries and journals, but I've never stuck to them the way I did that very first one.

I suppose it was just time to move on to someone else's story.

How do you feel when you think about or read the first story you've ever completed? Do you feel pride in the accomplishment? What did it help you to discover about yourself?


  1. Well, the first story I had ever written was about a lady bug going on a huge adventure to find the love of his life. I was six.

    Every time I look at it I smile and run to show my mother.

  2. That's a great way to think of a diary: Your first completed story. I too kept a diary in high school and college. I'm not so good at it anymore. But it is fun to read back through the entries.

  3. Love this entry...I've kept a diary forever too! Since I was a freshman in high school, which is much longer ago than I care to think about.

    After I finished my first story....I felt a HUGE sense of accomplishment, and I was ignorantly blissful. Had no idea all the hard work that would follow. :)

    Have a great Tuesday, Julie!