Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hey hey hey, it's MAY!

...And today starts the Blog Me MAYbe blogfest!  Click on the linky over there ----> to check out what it's all about and get to know some amazing writers!

Basically, I have to blog every single (week)day for the entire month of May.  Yikes!  I'm giving it my best shot, so I hope you're ready!  :)

Mondays are writing related, so I'll just come right out and say it:

I need to do better.
I've used the 'I'm too exhausted' excuse for almost two months now, since I started my new job.  And yes, it's very true(I just got home from a 15 hour day and my eyeballs are floating somewhere up around my ceiling lights...), but it seems to me that this isn't going to change anytime soon.
Therefore, I must change in order to make it work.

All around the blogosphere, on Twitter, and even on Facebook, my writing friends are sharing their success stories and I soak them in, envious to the tips of my toes, and SO SO proud of the things they are all accomplishing.  I know that I will join them one day, hopefully soon, but I need to push myself to get it done.
And I will! 

Writing is my world; it is the one constant in my life, the only thing that makes me feel like ME, no matter what else is happening.
Creating life from a spark of my imagination is the only true magic I've ever known, and I know I'm blessed to have been given this gift.
These characters deserve a chance to tell their stories and they need me to write them down.
How do I argue with that? 

Starting next Monday, I hope to share with you my journey through my current projects and I hope you enjoy walking along with me! Everything is better with friends.

Are any of you struggling with making time to write lately?  Tell me, please!  Perhaps we can struggle together.  :)

Here's to a blog-filled May!


  1. I think when you take on a new job, it's a good idea to sink into it gently, so you can get used to the changes.

    I am still struggling to balance my time, but it's starting to come together now!

  2. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!