Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MAY I Ask Something About You?

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 

Today, I get to ask YOU some questions!

Tell me, fellow writers...

What are you writing right now and why?  Did something inspire you?  Have you been trying to get a certain story down on paper for some time now?  Why did you choose to write this particular story?

I'd love to know!


  1. I am just reaching the final edits of a chick lit story about a soccer team! I've actually had it written for several years, but it needed a LOT of work to make it ... well, good lol! I chose to work on it because it's one of my favourite projects, and I think it deserves to go out into the world!

  2. I'm onto the second volume in my expansion of a long short story/piece of backstory about one of my secondary characters. It's 20th century historical, as always, and will cover his first year in America, 1946-47, including properly starting married life with his wife and his wife's struggle to find a midwife in the twilight sleep era. The first volume covers five and a half years of his life, from October 1940 to May 1946, taking him from age 14 to 20, and is set in Holland and the Dutch East Indies. I was very happy to find a natural break at the point where he's starting to sail to America (a tad bit over the 120,000-word mark), and was able to make a really nice ending tying in with the title's significance. The first volume was closer to third-person limited than I usually do (I'm a third-person omniscient kind of writer), but I decided the second volume will include his POV as well as his wife's POV, for the type of story it is.

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