Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How I Write

I'm a little behind...(7 posts, according to someone), but I have a good excuse!  I'm sick. And I've been resting!  So there.

Anyway, in case you're not caught up on what's happening here lately, I'm participating in the Blog Me MAYbe blogfest happening around the blogosphere, which you can check out by clicking on the linky in the sidebar.
Tuesdays are always a good time because I can talk about myself, and let's be honest-who doesn't like to talk about how awesome they are??  ;)

I've been trying to be more disciplined in my writing schedule, which has a strict 8:30-10:30 time slot in my day, after work and the gym.


What actually happens between the time when inspiration strikes and words are recorded on the frighteningly empty Word document is this:

Sitting in traffic....thinking about nothing but how much I hate traffic...

Hey, I should write a story about TRAFFIC!  I KNOW all about traffic, and there are so many story possibilities...

Spend the next week staring at pictures of traffic on Pinterest and We Heart It while the plotline forms in my brain...

Wouldn't it be a great idea if traffic didn't want to BE traffic anymore and instead wanted to try to be an open road??

Spend the next week downloading and Google stalking songs about traffic and the open road....

I need a really good makeout scene.

Spend the next two days searching for pictures of people making out in traffic or on the open road...

Stare at the blank computer screen, fingers poised.

Oh, hey, someone posted a video on my Facebook wall!  Let's watch.

Oh, hey, I forgot to find tickets to that one show...

Oh, hey, I need a new shirt for that night at the bar that's like every other night at the bar. 

I'm STARVING.  Let's make some popcorn.

Wine!  Why didn't I buy wine?  Wine always helps me write. 

Coffee sounds amazing.  Hey, Dunkin, how's it going?

The new Vampire Diaries is on???  Hold up, skipping is NOT an option.

Spend the next week daydreaming about traffic while sitting in traffic.

Word document?  Blank.


Unfortunately, this is how it's been lately.

I need some inspiration, people!  I guess I should go find me some wine...


  1. I just noticed the date of this post. Guess I'm a little late. :-)

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