Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for GROBAN Love

I have an obsession. This obsession was brought on by complete chance.

While walking through Best Buy one afternoon years and years ago, I noticed an endcap display of some new singer, Josh Groban.

I'd never heard of him, didn't know what kind of music he sang, and didn't find him particularly attractive(because, let's face it, sometimes a sexified man is a total selling point!).
But I shrugged my shoulders and picked up this CD:

And I fell in love(and offically think he's the sexiest man ever. It's the curls. And the voice. ;)

Since then, I have been to see him in concert(best. show. ever.), I'm going again this summer, and I have all of his CDs.
Also, I'm pretty confident that should I have the chance to ever meet him, he would fall instantly in love with me too and know that we should be together forever. And if I'm married when this happens, too bad for my hubby. ;)

I'm not a crazy person. Really! Haha.

There's just something about him that soothes me, no matter how upset I am about anything. In the car, in a bubblebath, while I'm writing(p.s. it's the only music I can listen to that helps me write without distraction)...he's my music soulmate.

Everyone should check him out. You won't be disappointed!



Does anyone else have a strange obsession like this??


  1. Ahhh, another Grobanite!!!

    Oh my gosh, I am SO the same. YEARS ago, before his first album even came out, my roommate was watching a Charlotte Church special on tv. I was in the room, but not watching.

    Then Josh started to perform a duet with Charlotte Church, and I FROZE. After a moment of shock, I ran over to the tv and practically swooned. :)

    I've been a loyal fan ever since. I'm even married now, but I agree, he's pretty much the sexiest guy ever. My husband has even given me the freedom to a one night stand with Josh, should the opportunity ever arise. ;)

  2. I've got a few of his songs on my iPod - he does have a wonderful voice! :)

    Renee, your story reminds me so much of me!