Monday, April 18, 2011


I have absolutely no idea what to write about for the letter 'O'.

So I googled 'funny words that start with o' and as I scanned a rather large list, I decided these were most 'me':

oenology-study of wines
oenomancy-divination by studying appearance of wine
oenomania-obsession or craze for wine (er...this is me??)
oenometer-instrument for measuring alcoholic strength of wine
oenophile-one who is fond of or loves wine (me!! This is me!)
oenophobia-fear or hatred of wine
oenopoetic-of, like or pertaining to wine-making

Therefore, I am an oenophiliac?? Rad.

Also, this one is hysterical:

onomancy-divination using a donkey or ass


oose-furry dust that gathers under beds

Who knew there was a word for this besides 'just dust'??

And I love to do this:

osculate-to kiss

Thank goodness o day is over. This was too much for my brain to handle at the moment. Perhaps I'll be better at q.

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  1. *snort* you and I had the same problem. I found myself googling 'O's too! LOL