Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for...Quiet

I hate the silence. If it's too quiet, my ears start to ring and I go a little stir crazy. This is especially troublesome given the fact that I live alone.

So usually you will find me with headphones in or the TV on, or sometimes both!
The music in my car will be loud, partly because I love to sing loudly and partly because I can't stand it any other way.

I don't like awkward silences. I need to be having a conversation with whomever I'm sitting with or I just get annoyed. So those friends who call just to call and listen to you breathe over the phone?? Please text me, thanks.

Although I can't concentrate if music is playing while I'm writing, I need to have some kind of background noise which usually means the TV is on low so that there is a constant hum around me. Weird? Perhaps.

This goes hand in hand with white walls. Painted walls, no quiet. I guess it has to do with my personality which is definitely loud.

Anyone else love the noises of the world more than the quiet??


  1. I know exactly what you mean. Too much quiet makes me stir crazy.

    Oh, and I hate white walls too! My living room/dining room is dark red and my office is deep greens.

  2. I love the noises of the world. When I'm driving, I prefer loud music; I think it helps me concentrate. When I'm at home, I want my walls to either be covered in color or with pictures so that it screams "home." I like the TV on as background noise when I'm doing something, but like you can't write with it. That's what the classical music is for! Silence is the worst, let's face it.